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Steve Amick headshot
hi-res version for print photo: Sharyl Burau

This picture is especially useful for those persons planning events in which a promotional photo is needed and whoopsadaisy—they've gone and found the wrong Steve Amick online and plunked his photo down instead.

And then what do you have?

You have a photo of either a charter fishing captain just sitting there, not driving a boat, or a state senator of a tiny, non-mitten-shaped state, just sitting there, not doing whatever it is he does.

And then no one wins.

Here are two more photos of Steve, both taken at the original Argus Camera building in Ann Arbor, neither taken with an Argus Camera, because, hey, you can't have everything.

Steve Amick
hi-res version for print  photo: Sharyl Burau
Steve Amick
hi-res version for print  photo: Sharyl Burau